Ahang Ahmadi, an Iranian visual artist based in Tehran, , embarked on her journey in photography and documentaries, focusing on themes of women’s rights, identity, taboos, and societal norms. Collaborating with international projects, artists, and magazines, she infuses her unique perspective into fashion, industrial design, and architecture through exclusive photo series and editorials.

Continuing to push boundaries and defy limitations, Ahang fearlessly charts her artistic course, prioritizing human connections and the exploration of themes such as humanity, femininity, and nature. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and human emotion, she uses myths and old stories to recreate new perspectives, reimagining our existence as human beings.

Describing photography as a medium for reinvention, Ahang offers myriad interpretations, inviting viewers into a realm of spiritual introspection and raw transparency. Her enigmatic creations transcend labels, encouraging contemplation and exploration. With a desire to merge the familiar with the unknown, Ahang’s work aims to evoke emotions and spark curiosity, inviting viewers on an immersive journey of self-discovery.